About us
In John 8:12, Jesus referred to Himself as “The PHOS (Light) of the KOSMOS (World).”  Remarkably, in Matthew 5:16, Jesus also says of His followers, “You are the PHOS (Light) of the KOSMOS (World).”

About Us

We are “The PHOS (Light) of the KOSMOS (World).”  We have been called out of the darkness and into His light.  Our desire is that His light would shine brightly in and through us.

Core Values

By consistently following a pattern that is Praying Fervently, Practicing Good Works, Preaching the Gospel, and Partnering with Bible believing local churches, our Phokos Missionaries bring light to dark places.


Phokos meets two needs simultaneously by:

1. Providing housing to godly men who need it.

…so they can

2. Share the message of the cross to a World that needs it.

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Phokos Video

Our animated production was crafted to show you our mission in a brief, fun and colorful narration. Watch and comment via YouTube!

Phokos Funding

Phokos is funded entirely by your donations. Please consider making a gift today through our secure donation processor.

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